Croc farm - コピー

Steve Irwin had a passion for crocodile conservation

Anniversary of an Australian Champion

Next month (September, 2017) will mark 11 years since the passing of one of Australia’s most prominent men. Steve Irwin was an extremely influential person in terms of Australia’s wildlife protection. He achieved worldwide fame in 1996 after a T.V. series called ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ was broadcasted internationally. The name ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ was his nick name and accurately describes what he spent most of his life doing.

Steve Irwin was born in Victoria, Australia to two parents who both loved wildlife.  One was a wildlife expert in herpetology (the study of amphibians), while the other was a wildlife carer.

Growing up around interesting animals such as crocodiles and snakes sparked the love he later came to have for them. After high school he spent many years in remote areas of North Queensland finding ‘problem’ crocs before they were looked at through the scope of a farmer or poacher’s gun. He would catch the crocodiles not by using traps, but rather jumping on their backs and wrestling them back into the boats. A technique that 99% of Australians wouldn’t dare try.

Later in Steve’s life, he took over managing a wildlife park previously managed by his parents. This wildlife park went on to become “Australia Zoo“; now one of the most famous zoos in Australia. During this time Steve married and had two children who he came to love more than even his beloved animals.

Sadly, Steve’s life came to abrupt end while he was doing what he loved. It wasn’t in the jaws a croc but from the tail of a stingray. Steve passed away in 2006 at Batt Reef just off the coast of the town of Port Douglas.

Steve is gone but his legacy lives on!  His example has led many other Australians to protect the beloved wildlife in Australia.  Wildlife parks all over the world but especially in Australia revere his work in this industry where he has Rock Star status.  
We all miss you Steve!